Song Lyrics from the Album 'Calligraphy'



Ooooooo oooooo oooo ooo

Let cha know (repeat)

(Yeah this is what I got it know tho)

I'm trynna figure how you thought you would do dis

This relationship we in on some bullshit

Knowing that you saw us coming to an end

Facing facts cuz you always had a girlfriend


The whole time pretendin' with me Why you think I'm mad took you took my virginity


Oh you surprised don't know what it is you thought

You pissed me off so now I'm gonna blow ya spot

On top of all that really ain't what I thought

If I was paying want a refund for what I got

Playing games you know, was meant fo a thot

Shoulda taught you howda treat me I mess up




((On relation shit))



Now I can't let you go On my relation flow

To me you just a hoe Shoulda let me know

You could not, commit

To this relation shit

This relation shit

This relation shiiiiiit



Gotta gotta gotta letem' go

letem' go

letem' go ooo ooo Oo


His ass


Gotta go gotta go gotta go OO


The school of life showed what I yearned

Kept flunkin' class didn't learn

Can't make some one want or love me right

If I keep going I'll  stand alone in this fight

Focus on me

telescope of life

The right one will find me

Like a stone sparkles in the light

((diamond in the rough)

There's a special one that I'll connect  

I know I'm gonna

make it in this relation shit

You A Stah



Running home from school like it was a track meet (through a field)

From this dark-skin boy who liked to slap me (Jerome)

He thought that shit was cool, a handprint it would leave above my mouth on my little light-skin cheek

Wish my dad was home once I got there

I was all alone no one to share

Home on a regular just me my mom and my little  sis

No father figure there to assist

Insecurities grew fit like a glove

Never knew what standin' up for self was

The nicer we were the meaner people were to us

They didn't like us because our mom taught us love



Just the three of us lived in the house no father fig-yure or a spouse

Back then we were scared but tight

Cloned your love

Strengthened our fight  

Youngest daughter pulling rank

Cuz she managing the bank

Proud your girls have come so far

Watch me be your suppa stah



((Singing Chorus))


Our little family split up

Had me doubting those I'd trust

They planted mental seeds in my mind bout all of us

Trynna make me think I'm not worthy of the best

Visit from my daddy told me block out all the rest

Then he left wouldn't  stay

confidence went away

Til high school things became clear

My best friend her names Janeare

She showed me things I never knew about myself

That my beauty was worth taking off the shelf

True best friends doing all the things best friends do

No no I think you know what I mean we was girls true

Trus we diggin' on the boys the boys is diggin us.

But we not hot never a thot total respect we got.


I'm chasing dreams reaching goals, climbing to the top

Was naive to believe haters ever stop

On some dumb shit like hair, skin and eyes I got.

Love yourself don't worry bout what you not!

Bringing racism in-to our race

When me and baby sis share the same mother's face

But I am light my sister's Carmel that's a fact

Now that some real shit ain't holdin' nuttin' back

Sneaky ones pretend they friends

And wonder how I shinin'

Prolly talking shit cause they hear rhyming

But wait for this, I'm made for this

That knowing who you are

Believe as daddy said baby you a stah



Don't show their like for you

the way you to them do

But you can go you can leave

You know you can chose

No one is saying you have to stay

You can leave and go your own way

Your story line did not work

So in the end you end up hurt

Building stories that end the same

Should look at self cuz you're the blame

Instead of talking you hold it in

And when you talk you explode in

Next time you start set the tone

Listen and learn don't be alone

Even with someone new you're not  voiceless

Remember you always have choices 


Say yall dating this ya soulmate

Then you mad cuz y'all neva go on a date

Try control what a person does or thinks

But there's a reason for everything

They don't like you like you like them

That's that reason why

You find the tears in your eyes and cry


Use your words

you not voiceless

They got choices

But you got choices too


But if you walk in silence

they won't  respect you


But there's a way to do and say what you need

You just keep active fool give mad and scream


You got to give respect to get respect or them want you'll lose

Who wants their problems and yours to


Girl says the dude her boyfriend

But he won't take her where she wanna go

The reality of the situation is

He don't like you as much as you wish he did

He only wit chu cuz you won't leave

And you mad and angry cuz he won't be

The man that you need

You not teaching him how you should be

You just chasing his ass like a frisbee

Like maybe you'll catch him or your won't

But ass females we set the tone

So if you aren't being love like you want

Don't use your voice less

You can leave I wouldn't stay you always have a choice




Daydreaming at night daydreaming at night daydreaming at night

Met you didn’t have a clue that the finer things in life would be you

Interesting how we met social media Internet

Something are holding us back maybe old wounds getting us off track

Let go of the wounds don’t look back

No need to remind us that’s a fact

Intensity so serious personalities  


Organic and free cuz you have me daydreaming

Waitin’ for the other shoe to drop

But the process it won’t stop

The passion we got steaming cuz at night you got me daydreaming

Of you and me and how it will be

Daydreaming at night

Daydreaming at night

A figment to me or 

Can the truth be?

Me with you, you with me, us a we.

Daydreaming daydreaming daydreaming daydreaming at night


Like a bubble bath we relaxin’

No emotional drama taxin’ 

Your chocolate melted skin on me holdin’ 

My ushy gushy mixed up with my golden 

We don’t panic cuz we know that we mixing well

Mixed together we turn into Carmel

Only problem is that you’re not in sight

Is the shit real or a day dream at night?


Dayyydreammming ooo ooo ooo ooo daydream dayyyyyyydreammmin’

(Daydreaming of you at night, you at night)

Daydream, daydream, daydream, at night daydream

(You at night you at night)


You at night 



Oooo ooo ooo whooo we all gotta fight.... 

Her name was Traci she was born and raised an a-town baby, 24 a manager at Macy’s

I guess that you could say that she was doing pretty good for herself

It took a little bit to get where she’s at

Imma tell the whole story just sit right back, yeah

This is only the first roun’ This is how it all goes down

Hey hey hey hey 

Everybody has to fight sometime

As long as you stay strong there’s no reason you shouldn’t lose the fight

Traci grew up on the wrong side of the track, her daddy was a dope boy she’s used to all that robbin’ and stealing, shooting and killing destined for the family business

One day while looking for her daddy

He owed some money and the brother didn’t have it

They sprayed the house Traci got hit twice

She almost didn’t make it out


Hey hey hey hey everybody has to fight sometime

As long as you stay strong there’s no reason you should lose the fight

Hey hey hey hey everybody has to fight sometime

As long as you stay strong there’s no reason you should lose the fight

Traci’s in the hospital fighting for her life

She knows that if she makes it through everything will be alright

5 years later and she’s back on her feet, doing just what she says she’s living and she’s free

Hey hey hey hey everybody has to fight sometime

As long as you stay strong there’s no reason you should lose the fight

Hey hey hey hey everybody has to fight sometime

As long as you stay strong there’s no reason you should lose the fight

Hey hey hey hey everybody has to fight sometime

As long as you stay strong there’s no reason you should lose the fight